Ultimate Body Building

Ninety-nine percent of body Building comes from just doing it. You can learn a lot from a few fierce competitors like Dr. Joe Klemczewski, Dave Gooden, Lane Norton, Ben Tennesen, Rondney Helaire, and Mike Grant. Make sure that the sources of your information is a good, genuine drug-free bodybuilder who practices what he or she preaches.

If the source of your fitness/fat loss information is not in great shape, than something is not very genuine about his or her information. We all know that nothing feels like being in great shape. Everything is easier, nothing is unobtainable, and everyone is drawn to your strong, positive aura. Real energy and fitness are the keys to a true, balanced life of fulfillment. We all agree on this. Sure, we allĀ Testosteronen Cypionate have minor peaks and valleys but if you have had it once and then totally let it slip away, then you should not be teaching others how to obtain it and use it to a more fulfilled life. Fitness authors the reflect a good appearance and practice what they preach are typically genuine.

The average Joe is unhealthy or out of shape not because there is something wrong with them, but because they are getting wrong information through the health and fitness industry. The fitness/fat-loss health industry is a multi-billion dollar business. The love of money is the root of all evil. Most fitness companies spoon feed non-genuine fitness information down our throats. The answer to your bodybuilding endeavors does not come in a syringe or a bottle, or a miracle new diet or routine. It is not quick or easy. It is slow and methodical; it is a lifestyle. Good things come to those who wait!!

Let’s stop right here and define “bodybuilding”. It is doing it drug-free. It is life building. It is who we are. It is being honest with yourself and others. The #1 rule is that you can not lie. You have to pay your dues with workouts, nutrition, rest and recovery, or else you will not see the results.