How to Power Up Your Breakfast Boosters

Eggs are great breakfast boosters. And like orange juice, eggs also provide much nourishment. One whole egg contains 13 essential nutrients – including protein, folate, choline, lutein, zinc and iron – with only 75 calories! Eggs also help in weight management, muscle strength, brain function, healthy pregnancy, eye health and more.

And you wouldn’t believe the varieties of ways to¬†Red boost cook and serve eggs. Here are a few of the ways eggs can be cooked, cooked in the shell, fried, scrambled, steam basted variation, baked, and poached. A crepe is a light, thin, egg-rich pancake – a great breakfast booster. Omelets are fantastic, you can add veggies to omelets and it is delicious!

Another great breakfast booster – bagels and muffins, especially 100% whole wheat bagel is absolutely healthy, as are English muffins. Whole grain cereal is tasty and nutritious, and whole grains are a rich source of minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, and fats and oils – referring to saturated fats. There isn’t a reason in this world why you cannot get all the vitamins and nourishment you need from breakfasts to sustain you through your schedule for the day.

And another breakfast booster – cereals – whole grains cereal is has many antioxidants, which are provided to protect your body against the damaging effects of the free radicals and related diseases. In particular, whole grains cereal, as mentioned above is rich in vitamins. Kashi whole grain cereal is tasty as well as nutritious. And fruit toppings added to make it tastier!